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- Cleaning and sterilization of Dental Instruments.
- Before sterilization all instruments have to be disinfected and cleaned.
- Before sterilization please use one of the following three cleaning alternatives.

a:  Cleaning By Hand:

Cleaning by hand is efficient, if it is carried out properly. To prevent corrosion or injuries of the instruments, we recommend to use a soft brush and neutral or non-aggressive detergents. Please immediately dry up the instrument after this procedure by using a soft and dry cotton.

b:  Ultrasonic Cleaning:

Ultrasonic Cleaning saves time. Secondly it is more efficient than cleaning by hand and lowers the risk of contamination.

c:  Thermo Disinfections:

Thermo disinfection is also more efficient than cleaning by hand and lower the risk of contamination. Mostly the machine is large and is inefficient if chosen for small quantity of instruments. Before sterilization the instruments should be dry to prevent stains. Instruments with joint or ratchets should be cleaned and sterilized in open position only. The operating instructions of the manufacturers of the sterilization machines should be read carefully and followed strictly.

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